New Beginnings

Begin Anew

We all start with the very best intentions…. we’re cruising along and accomplishing our goals – then… invariably, life gets in the way. Obligations and a full calendar of commitments are upon us. Our progress slows, our projects derail, and our momentum sputters. We feel knocked a bit off balance, yet in our busyness, there is no time to course correct. Until finally there is a lull and we can inhale a deep breath long enough to regroup and center ourselves. Then we can move forward and begin again.

Beginning again can be wonderful ¬- starting over with a fresh mindset and renewed energy can fuel enough momentum to get any project over the hump and bring ultimate success towards the goal. As fall approaches and kids are heading back to school, something resonates deep inside us that while restocking our own school supplies or office supplies, we are granted a clean slate to leave all previous transgressions behind and begin anew. It’s a special time of year ripe with possibility!

Given a clean slate and a world of opportunity ahead, what would you like to accomplish or create? The dream cannot be too big or too small – the only failure comes in not dreaming at all, or dreaming and not acting upon it in some way. If no dream comes to mind, then you have become disconnected from the curious part of your nature, and it is more important than ever to take 10 minutes – today – to sit in silence and let your mind wander – past your things to do list and on to what makes you happy and what you would like to create. It can be as simple as what you would like to do on your next vacation, or how you would like to spend your weekend ahead. You may also receive insight on bigger changes you’d like to create – that is the beauty of allowing your mind to wander and not try to control the outcome. You are relaxing into the realm of “I wonder” …. Wonder away and enjoy beginning anew! You may be delightfully surprised at what presents itself to you.

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