One Wild and Precious Life

wild and precious life

Why does it always seem to take a crisis for us to stop in our tracks and take back our life???

As much as we intellectually understand that we have just one go-around on this beautiful Earth, we always seem to dance around what our heart desires, and what we truly want. We put everyone, everything, our work, and every obligation possible, in front of our own desires. Then we wonder why we are left feeling unsatisfied.

Then it happens. We get a diagnosis, or news which reminds us exactly HOW precious this one life is. The switch flips, and we finally live with unapologetic fierceness for a life we have wanted for years.

Why does it take a crisis or diagnosis to live a life of courage? It’s a dose of cruel irony. It seems to grant us the permission to finally live for ourselves, without feeling guilty about it. We finally release all our excuses, to get about the business of life, and the impact we want to have here. In the end, the crisis or diagnosis serves as both a blessing and a curse; the gift is the reminder of how special this time is, but it is also a reminder that we are on a timer and the amount of sand remaining in the hourglass is unsure. Truly bittersweet.

So, without wasting one more granule of sand, what is it YOU would like to pursue with unapologetic fierceness? What is YOUR heart’s desire? You have full permission to name it and claim it. It is yours.

Please don’t waste another moment. Anyone who loves you will want this as much for you, as you do. Onward and upward. Forward, my dear friend, follow your heart and make your mark.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver

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