New Beginnings

There is something magical about new beginnings, or even trying something new. Have you ever experienced beginner’s luck when playing a new card game, with no previous knowledge or tricks of the game? Perhaps you felt like you had the luck of the Irish on your side?! If you have, then you know how the adventure can take on a life of its own, without your influence.

We’re wired to enjoy trying new things – such as visiting a new place, starting a new job, or moving to a new area. Each new experience brings a new adventure, and feeds our creativity.

But if you do not have any plans to move, start a new job or take a trip any time soon, you may enjoy nature’s original version of new beginnings, or what we know as “spring.”  After the dark and cold days of winter, spring ushers in a burst of color, life force energy and renewal, reminding us that after a season of dormancy we can look forward to activity and rebirth. No matter how hard a winter you have experienced, spring will indeed come.

What are you looking forward to this spring – or what would you like to bring into your life at this time? It’s a new beginning, a clean slate and fresh palette. Knowing that you have the creative energy to bring all the “beginner’s luck” you need, what is your wish for yourself? Let your mind wander and dream up what would make you happiest…hold onto that vision, and enjoy your creation! Happy Spring! sprouting_tree_960_480-960x480spring flowers

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