Honoring the Child in You

dancing_in_the_rain-300x189When did life get so serious? Sure, keeping lists of things to do, shopping lists, and bill pay dates are all important to managing our lives…but when did that equate to the exclusion of playfulness, levity and joy? As caregivers and parents, our needs show up somewhere around last place, and sometimes that is how we can feel…. like we’re in last place. But that’s not where our heart longs to be.

I remember fondly the little girl who loved to run, skip, sing and dance. I have some wonderful photos of her; she’s the same little girl who loved to splash through puddles and play outside for hours on end, equipped only with her imagination and the time to create. She is my younger self and she is absolutely beautiful inside, full of curiosity and adventure. I’ve been thinking a lot about her lately, and the role she used to play in making every day so adventurous. I am currently recruiting her to assist me in my most recent endeavor: to reconnect with my playful side, which fuels my creativity. I am excited about our collaboration.

Have you been feeling a bit unlike yourself lately, or maybe a bit grumpy? You could be missing the inner child in you too.

Think that’s not a big deal? Well, when was the last time you felt truly content and that your life was complete? Think back. If you already feel content now, then I commend you; you are tapping into what helps you feel complete, and that is a true blessing. You are likely honoring your true self without even knowing that is what you are doing.

But if you feel that you want more in your life, it is likely because you are not feeding a basic need of yours, perhaps one you not have had fulfilled since you were little. And it is time to honor the child in you and pay attention to what is calling to you. You can’t afford to ignore the calling any longer, because it will only get louder until you acknowledge it.

So what is calling you? It could be bike riding, painting, writing, running, or even spending time in nature. Whatever it is, DO IT. Create 15 minutes a day for it and you will see your life change. You can most definitely find 15 minutes per day – whether you get up 15 minutes earlier before the kids get up, or 15 minutes after they go to bed. I promise you it’s worth it. Try it for 21 days and you will feel the benefits in your life.

What do you have to lose, but your grumpiness? I’ll make a bet that if your family had a vote, they’d want you to be happy too.

So what would make your younger self, your inner child, happy today? Hmmmm…..the possibilities are endless, so have fun choosing!! And GO PLAY!

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