New Beginnings

Begin Anew

We all start with the very best intentions…. we’re cruising along and accomplishing our goals – then… invariably, life gets in the way. Obligations and a full calendar of commitments are upon us. Our progress slows, our projects derail, and our momentum sputters. We feel knocked a bit off balance, yet in our busyness, there is no time to course correct. Until finally there is a lull and we can inhale a deep breath long enough to regroup and center ourselves. Then we can move forward and begin again.

Beginning again can be wonderful ¬- starting over with a fresh mindset and renewed energy can fuel enough momentum to get any project over the hump and bring ultimate success towards the goal. As fall approaches and kids are heading back to school, something resonates deep inside us that while restocking our own school supplies or office supplies, we are granted a clean slate to leave all previous transgressions behind and begin anew. It’s a special time of year ripe with possibility!

Given a clean slate and a world of opportunity ahead, what would you like to accomplish or create? The dream cannot be too big or too small – the only failure comes in not dreaming at all, or dreaming and not acting upon it in some way. If no dream comes to mind, then you have become disconnected from the curious part of your nature, and it is more important than ever to take 10 minutes – today – to sit in silence and let your mind wander – past your things to do list and on to what makes you happy and what you would like to create. It can be as simple as what you would like to do on your next vacation, or how you would like to spend your weekend ahead. You may also receive insight on bigger changes you’d like to create – that is the beauty of allowing your mind to wander and not try to control the outcome. You are relaxing into the realm of “I wonder” …. Wonder away and enjoy beginning anew! You may be delightfully surprised at what presents itself to you.

One Wild and Precious Life

wild and precious life

Why does it always seem to take a crisis for us to stop in our tracks and take back our life???

As much as we intellectually understand that we have just one go-around on this beautiful Earth, we always seem to dance around what our heart desires, and what we truly want. We put everyone, everything, our work, and every obligation possible, in front of our own desires. Then we wonder why we are left feeling unsatisfied.

Then it happens. We get a diagnosis, or news which reminds us exactly HOW precious this one life is. The switch flips, and we finally live with unapologetic fierceness for a life we have wanted for years.

Why does it take a crisis or diagnosis to live a life of courage? It’s a dose of cruel irony. It seems to grant us the permission to finally live for ourselves, without feeling guilty about it. We finally release all our excuses, to get about the business of life, and the impact we want to have here. In the end, the crisis or diagnosis serves as both a blessing and a curse; the gift is the reminder of how special this time is, but it is also a reminder that we are on a timer and the amount of sand remaining in the hourglass is unsure. Truly bittersweet.

So, without wasting one more granule of sand, what is it YOU would like to pursue with unapologetic fierceness? What is YOUR heart’s desire? You have full permission to name it and claim it. It is yours.

Please don’t waste another moment. Anyone who loves you will want this as much for you, as you do. Onward and upward. Forward, my dear friend, follow your heart and make your mark.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver

Letting Go ~


It’s that time of year when many people are giving up things, as a New Year’s resolution. Giving up sweets, treats, vices of all sorts, to be more healthful in the hopes of living a longer and happier life. But there is a true benefit to letting go. By releasing things that no longer serve us or fit into our lives, we create space for new and wonderful things to come into our lives. And we release any unhealthy feelings attached to what we are letting go, immediately helping us to feel lighter and happier.

Have you ever cleaned out a drawer or a closet, only to feel like you have more energy afterwards than before you started? Like you were ready to take on the next task? Nature abhors a vacuum, so when you let go of things, nature looks to fill the void and bring something new and wonderful into your life. This is the gift. It energizes you and keeps you moving forward.

It may not come in the way of a “thing” but instead a “someone” – if you have someone in your life who seems to drain your energy every time you’re around her or him, then it may be time to move forward without them. You may want to be with them because of your history or felt obligation, but after you are together, they always seem to feel better, and you feel worse – leaving you wondering how things could have changed. You used to adore being around them. It’s natural for people to come in and out of our lives, they serve a wonderful purpose during that time. But people change and situations change, and sometimes we grow apart as our interests change, no matter how loving or grateful we feel towards each other. As much as we enjoyed our time together, it can be time to move on to new adventures and horizons. We can just be grateful for the time spent together.

All the same, it can be hard to let go. You are comfortable, why change things up? Well, because your happiness is at stake. When you put a vice or obligation to others ahead of your true needs, you sacrifice a part of yourself, and your happiness, in the process. Life is way too short to live for others; yes, my friend, it is time to live for you. It’s like the oxygen mask on the airplane; before you save others, you must first place the oxygen mask on yourself. You can only help others after you care for yourself. You cannot give what you do not have, so please know your self-care is a requirement, not a luxury.

As so many enter the 3rd week of a New Year’s resolution, remain strong and steadfast to yourself. YOU are worth it. This journey is worth it, as it unfolds and unveils to you all the beautiful adventures that lie ahead. Enjoy the journey, and the adventure.

Best wishes for an amazing 2017, and your very best year yet!!!

Only the best,

Supermoon Effect


Did the Supermoon bring about monumental shifts in energy, or is it just me??? With the moon impacting the tides, and with humans consisting of so much water, it makes sense that we would feel the pull, just as the tides do.

I am not just talking about the election, but last week and this week, things have been… INTENSE. It’s been on a personal, professional, and cultural level. I have found myself willfully drawing healthy lines in the sand on what I want to place my attention and to give my energy. I recognize that when I don’t do that, I am left feeling like a Mack truck hit me at the end of the day – sacrificing my peace of mind to please someone else. Perhaps you can relate?

Over the past 10 days, things seem to have been swinging from good to bad, then back to good, then back the other way, sometimes within the same day. The energy is only being magnified by those who are stepping out of the shadows to have their voices heard.

~ Taking long deep breaths helps to slow down, to process levels of change which seem hard to process.

It is so wonderful that people are coming alive to have their voices heard, if only it could come through peaceful communication and conversations and not violence. We are living such a dichotomy, on many levels. It is difficult to breathe in this space. When I find myself knocked to my knees, or involuntarily frozen, I start to think about all the people and things for which I am grateful. It revives me every time.

I love reading posts where people have shared when in their “lostness” or despair, they chose to do something good for someone else – by donating their time, energy or resources – in their time of need, feeling stronger and happier just by making someone else’s life better. Wouldn’t it be terrific to have more of THAT? And wouldn’t be amazing if that were contagious? Just the thought of it makes me smile.

That being said…when humans are still too intense, I gravitate to animals – to the gentle spirits who want only to love and be loved. Pure. Whole. Non-judgmental. Blissful just to be alive. Isn’t that why we are here? Thank goodness we have them as sweet, soft, sometimes spunky, jubilant role models.

I am an out-of-the-closet quote junkie. I have snipped scores of them, but there are a few that I go to when I need some deep and serious guidance. I share them now, that they may do the same for you:

“You must always do the thing the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

“When life puts you through a tumbler, it’s your choice whether you come out polished or crushed.”
Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

“If you knew who walked beside you at all times, on the path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear or doubt again.” – Wayne Dyer

May we be guided by grace and be kind to one another right now and always.

Only the best ~

Honoring the Child in You

dancing_in_the_rain-300x189When did life get so serious? Sure, keeping lists of things to do, shopping lists, and bill pay dates are all important to managing our lives…but when did that equate to the exclusion of playfulness, levity and joy? As caregivers and parents, our needs show up somewhere around last place, and sometimes that is how we can feel…. like we’re in last place. But that’s not where our heart longs to be.

I remember fondly the little girl who loved to run, skip, sing and dance. I have some wonderful photos of her; she’s the same little girl who loved to splash through puddles and play outside for hours on end, equipped only with her imagination and the time to create. She is my younger self and she is absolutely beautiful inside, full of curiosity and adventure. I’ve been thinking a lot about her lately, and the role she used to play in making every day so adventurous. I am currently recruiting her to assist me in my most recent endeavor: to reconnect with my playful side, which fuels my creativity. I am excited about our collaboration.

Have you been feeling a bit unlike yourself lately, or maybe a bit grumpy? You could be missing the inner child in you too.

Think that’s not a big deal? Well, when was the last time you felt truly content and that your life was complete? Think back. If you already feel content now, then I commend you; you are tapping into what helps you feel complete, and that is a true blessing. You are likely honoring your true self without even knowing that is what you are doing.

But if you feel that you want more in your life, it is likely because you are not feeding a basic need of yours, perhaps one you not have had fulfilled since you were little. And it is time to honor the child in you and pay attention to what is calling to you. You can’t afford to ignore the calling any longer, because it will only get louder until you acknowledge it.

So what is calling you? It could be bike riding, painting, writing, running, or even spending time in nature. Whatever it is, DO IT. Create 15 minutes a day for it and you will see your life change. You can most definitely find 15 minutes per day – whether you get up 15 minutes earlier before the kids get up, or 15 minutes after they go to bed. I promise you it’s worth it. Try it for 21 days and you will feel the benefits in your life.

What do you have to lose, but your grumpiness? I’ll make a bet that if your family had a vote, they’d want you to be happy too.

So what would make your younger self, your inner child, happy today? Hmmmm…..the possibilities are endless, so have fun choosing!! And GO PLAY!

Setting Boundaries

line in the sand

There is an ebb and flow rhythm in nature where things naturally come and go, and so it is with our own lives. We go through periods of growth or rebirth, and we also go through periods of shedding what no longer serves us, to pare down to what is most vital to us and our well-being. People and things seem to stream in and out of our lives, serving a solid purpose while they are with us. Growth can be an important part of our evolution, but so is recognizing what is no longer working for us, and having the strength and presence to stand firm and identify areas of our lives on which we will not compromise (like drawing a line in the sand).

It is very liberating and cathartic to shed what no longer serves you, even more so when you realize that you are making space for something better to come into your life. It’s a process of setting boundaries. You determine on what you will spend your time and energy, and what you will let go because it is no longer uplifting or serving a purpose in your life.

This is a natural process; there are four seasons in a year because Earth itself inherently moves through this process. And thus naturally we are permitted to do the same, although many times we feel guilty for what we are removing by way of setting boundaries. Perhaps it is volunteer work you feel is so helpful to others, but it no longer feels purposeful to you. Or perhaps you’re on a committee or board for an industry group that is proving to demand just too much of your time, and your children are now more involved in activities so you want to spend more time with them. There are so many great causes that we feel a pull to step away from, in order to best serve our families or our own well-being.

That “pull” is our intuition, or our inner pilot light which guides us on which way to go for our personal and spiritual growth. Ignoring it only makes the pull stronger, until we inevitably feel an urge to run from the situation. It’s much more graceful to listen and take action earlier in the process.

The beauty of nature is that there will likely come a time once again when we are drawn back into such worthy demands of our time, that time is just not right now. It is not a time to feel ashamed or badly about moving other priorities inside the boundaries you have set. Instead, it’s a time to be fully present where you want to place your focus: if it’s with your children, fully embrace the time with them; if it’s with a project or something that has been calling to you, immerse yourself in it — without apology, and without feeling that you have to make excuses. YOU are worth it, and you cannot be fully present to anyone else in your life unless you are fully present to yourself. Even if it’s 15 minutes a day after the kids have gone to sleep, or before they wake. Make the time and you will feel a shift in your life and level of contentment.

Setting boundaries is no longer an indication of waging war on anyone, but an indication of what we truly love and value, and upon what we will not compromise. I cannot think of any better cause, can you?

When Heaven Touches Earth book

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Release of When Heaven Touches Earth book….

When Heaven Touches Earth Book cover

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New Beginnings

There is something magical about new beginnings, or even trying something new. Have you ever experienced beginner’s luck when playing a new card game, with no previous knowledge or tricks of the game? Perhaps you felt like you had the luck of the Irish on your side?! If you have, then you know how the adventure can take on a life of its own, without your influence.

We’re wired to enjoy trying new things – such as visiting a new place, starting a new job, or moving to a new area. Each new experience brings a new adventure, and feeds our creativity.

But if you do not have any plans to move, start a new job or take a trip any time soon, you may enjoy nature’s original version of new beginnings, or what we know as “spring.”  After the dark and cold days of winter, spring ushers in a burst of color, life force energy and renewal, reminding us that after a season of dormancy we can look forward to activity and rebirth. No matter how hard a winter you have experienced, spring will indeed come.

What are you looking forward to this spring – or what would you like to bring into your life at this time? It’s a new beginning, a clean slate and fresh palette. Knowing that you have the creative energy to bring all the “beginner’s luck” you need, what is your wish for yourself? Let your mind wander and dream up what would make you happiest…hold onto that vision, and enjoy your creation! Happy Spring! sprouting_tree_960_480-960x480spring flowers